About us

Property Pro Group LLC offers welcoming rental homes. Our Seattle-area, in-house management professionals provide industry-leading service and utilize our enhanced technology to deliver a superior residential experience.

Each of our homes is located in a most vibrant neighborhood with a plethora of amazing restaurants, pubs, music venues and accessible to Seattle-area amenities, places of work, landmarks and city attractions.

Some of the most amazing things in life are a symbiotic relationship between contrasts that create balance, light matched with dark or a splash of color amongst grey or even something salty paired with sweet. Our homes are a reflection of the amazing contrasts that exist in life with a modern twist. Spare no detail, think of what has not been done before, make it look amazing with your furniture and decorations - THIS IS YOUR NEW PLACE TO LIVE!

Our Duties

Just as you have a duty to pay your rent and associated fees - our team has our responsibilites.

Process your Rental Application

Our rental process requires a series of steps to qualify you for renting and your placement at the residence. We take each tenant application seriously for consideration, however; we only offer 1+ year lease agreements and we require a credit application, background check and reference check in order to offer you a home. A Rental Application fee is required for such efforts so be sure to ask your landlord.

Proper accounting and rent collection
Property Pro Group provides accounting services to make sure you are paid on time, and you are upholding the lease agreement. We can assist with a variety of accounting options from direct deposit, one-time payments, monthly billing to online bill pay and other financial accomodations. You won't get a penalty due to something our team has neglected.
Maintenance of the Home and building structure
Our maintenance and inspection services are designed to keep the value of your rental intact. We offer full service options to provide our tenants with only the best service possible. We will handle all of the difficult problems related to caring for the property and tenants.